Looking to have a website? Wondering how much it costs? Take a look at the infographic below  and see what the average costs of having a site built for you consists of. The graphic also will familiarize you with the process and components of putting a website together.

Website Cost1

We’re Cheap on Price, Not on Design

BITS’ basic “brochure” website is a CMS website and our starting rate is well below the industry average for a content management site, and even on the low end of a non-CMS brochure website. And, like all of our web sites we develop, our “basic” model is a mobile-ready, modern website design that is optimize for viewing on mobile devices.

Why So Cheap?

So, why do we offer such a deal? It’s simple, because BITS’ experience and utilization of modern web designing tools enables us to design a site in the fraction of the time it used to take. We started off designing websites from a blank slate and writing HTML code from scratch. This was over 20 years ago, and it took a long time to write. Today, there are great designing tools that web developers use that doesn’t require developers to write code at all. And here’s a little secret just between us: a lot of developers cannot write code themselves. Because modern development tools have taken the heavy lifting out of coding for web sites, developers are trained on those tools, and never learn to program. BITS can do both. Because of the extensive background and experience, BITS’ skill set adapts to modern development tools in a rapid fashion, and this equates to savings passed onto our clients.

We’ve developed websites for large and small businesses, as well as Hollywood talent.

BITS’ fees aren’t low because we are beginners. Our fees are low because of our experience!

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