From Hollywood “A List” clients to the small business owner, BITS has created unique designs and websites tailored to fit the personality and scope their online presence at a substantial value. What can BITS do for you?

Point of Sale and Credit Card Processing

BITS now offers POS and credit card processing for local merchants and substantially lower cost and fees!


“I highly recommend Bottineau Information Technologies & Services for ALL of your computer issues!”


We have over 20 years experience in dealing with Everything Computer Related, and we offer the Bottineau community unparalleled service and affordable rates.



Bottineau’s one stop shop for all things PC related. It doesn’t matter if you have a computer that won’t boot or that your business needs a custom website developed, Bottineau Information Technologies and Services (BITS) can get it done.


Demo Websites

RestaurantCoffee ShopBakeryLaw Firm | Real Estate

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Business Services

IT Support

• PC Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance • Network Administration • Custom Software Development • Office Suite Custom Automation • Database Admin • Complex Word Processing Forensic Services • Batch Volume Document Scanning


• Process Serving • Messenger Service • Notary Service • ND Court Filings

Home Services

We can help you with most of your PC computer issues in the home. Call us today! 701-850-1226. We offer free “in town” pick up and delivery of your PC. Or you can drop off your computer to us and we’ll take a look.

Labor Rate Starts @ $50/Hr.

What Our Customer Say About Us
Chris was so easy to work with! He explained everything that we was doing for my website very clearly beforehand, presented me with great design options, and gave me great tools as to how to use the website myself going forward. He works so hard and knows his stuff! Rachel Bloom

Actress/TV Writer/TV Producer

I highly recommend Bottineau Information Technologies & Services for ALL of your computer issues! Chis is crazy knowledgeable on everything to wireless fixed to website development. And his rates are extremely reasonable. Chris is someone you can totally trust with all your computer issues.. Katherine Adraktas

Business Consultant

I had Chris Bee build my website for my new real estate company in 2015.  I wanted someone who could design a modern and user friendly website to move my new company forward.  Chris created our new website in a very timely manor and exceeded my expectations of what I thought my website would look like.  Many of our clients have stressed how happy they are with our website and tell us that it was one of the reasons they chose to do business with us.  Chris is extremely good at helping us with any changes or questions we may have with our website.  I would highly recommend Chris Bee to anyone looking for website design or computer services.   A+ in my book. Joe Bender

Real Estate Broker, Four Seasons Realty

Chris has excellent customer service skills as he is always prompt with a reply to an email and an answer to a question. I would highly recommend his services if you are in the market for a website designer! Allison Getzlaff

Real Estate Agent, Four Seasons Realty

Chris Bee has helped us streamline several processes that have improved our efficiency and effectiveness across multiple platforms and practice areas. He’s great at thinking outside the box to customize just the right fit for our need! When there are bigger, better, more expensive solution’s available to us, he’s been able to help us control costs by offering a simple, more practical approach. Thanks Chris! Lori Zemke

Office Manager, Fremstad Law

As a sole practitioner, my access to IT support was limited by my budget. BITS provided my practice with tools that are only available to large corporate firms with their own in-house IT staff. Their extensive knowledgebase of creating & editing word processing docs, along with automating form creation, helped keep the frustration level down, and allowed billable hours to be more about servicing my clients and not pounding my head on the keyboard time after time. Five star service at rates the sole practitioner can afford.   Michael Williamson

Michael Williamson, Esq.

BITS was a vital asset in setting up our practice. We obtained professional IT services in network, communications, web & graphic design, and document automation services. Utilizing BITS’ experience in IT law support reduced costs & eliminated downtime for us at a significant rate. BITS is one of the law practitioner’s sharpest tools in the box.   Kent Tierney

Partner, Tierney & Mercado, LLP

We were dead in the water without BITS’ help. From installing large scanning machines into our network & creating an automated scanning solution, to creating a web site database for our depository documents, to creating & designing an entire marketing campaign for us, BITS has helped us in so many ways. There just doesn’t seem to be anything they can’t do that involves a computer. Your business moves forward with ease with BITS.    Kelly Emerick

Owner, Emerick & Finch

Hi Chris, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the work you did to get my computer going again. I had so many popups on it and it was getting so slow. You restored all my icons I had on it and put “Microsoft Open Office” back on it again. My printer wasn’t working and you got that going again. I am so thankful you did such a good job and your price was very reasonable. Many thanks!! Audrey A


BITS’ Web Site Development Fees Are Low! BITS’ Skills Are Not!

Looking to have a website? Wondering how much it costs? Take a look at the infographic below  and see what the average costs of having a site built for you consists of. The graphic also will familiarize you with the process and components of putting a website together.

Website Cost1

We’re Cheap on Price, Not on Design

BITS’ basic “brochure” website is a CMS website and our starting rate is well below the industry average for a content management site, and even on the low end of a non-CMS brochure website. And, like all of our web sites we develop, our “basic” model is a mobile-ready, modern website design that is optimize for viewing on mobile devices.

Why So Cheap?

So, why do we offer such a deal? It’s simple, because BITS’ experience and utilization of modern web designing tools enables us to design a site in the fraction of the time it used to take. We started off designing websites from a blank slate and writing HTML code from scratch. This was over 20 years ago, and it took a long time to write. Today, there are great designing tools that web developers use that doesn’t require developers to write code at all. And here’s a little secret just between us: a lot of developers cannot write code themselves. Because modern development tools have taken the heavy lifting out of coding for web sites, developers are trained on those tools, and never learn to program. BITS can do both. Because of the extensive background and experience, BITS’ skill set adapts to modern development tools in a rapid fashion, and this equates to savings passed onto our clients.

We’ve developed websites for large and small businesses, as well as Hollywood talent.

BITS’ fees aren’t low because we are beginners. Our fees are low because of our experience!

Read to Get Started?

Check out our sample portfolio and then click on the “Click to fill our our questionnaire to get started” button to begin.

We Do Not Sell Computers, Because We Do Not Rip You Off


I used to sell PC computers. Not anymore. The issue for the little computer shop is that you cannot stock a large inventory, so you build “custom” computers and utilize “just-time-inventory”, which means your basically order parts on a case-by-case basis. But the profit margin is very slim on doing this, and you cannot price match the larger guys. The end result is that local computer shops will try to over-sell a PC computer to you.

If you primarily use your computer for email, web surfing, getting on Facebook, etc., then you absolutely have no need to spend thousands on a PC. The high-end market is for power users like playing intense 3D games or video editing. If you have no need to do either of these power hungry actions, then something in the $300 – $500 range is going to be just fine for your needs. Even if you just need to run Office applications, the low end is going to be just fine. If anyone tells you different, then they are trying to sell you something you don’t need.

There’s absolutely no way a small shop can sell low end spec PCs like that to you. Besides the hardware costs, they have to buy the individual operating system license as well. This can be from $100 – $400 a piece. That’s before they spend any money on the actual computer! So they have to make it up somewhere, and that comes in the form of trying to talk you into a higher priced computer that you don’t need.

BITS avoids that used-car-sales-technique and doesn’t try to sell you anything you don’t need.
Although we will help you shop if you need advice.

Now, if you are interested in PC gaming or video editing, BITS can certainly build you a PC. The one advantage a custom built PC has over a large companies’ product is the capability for upgrading. You see, the larger players make a lot of hardware designs proprietary, and that leaves very little room to upgrade the computer to faster parts in the future. A custom-built PC will give you room to do upgrades later on if you choose to do so. In the gaming world, this is really a necessity. But for most of us, it really isn’t.  It’s almost far more economical to just get a new PC.

So don’t get ripped off! Go ahead and look at those lower end PCs you see at Wal-Mart or Amazon. Then, if you need help along the way, contact us.

Are You Still Using Windows XP

If you’re reading this on a PC with Windows XP, you really should disconnect your computer from the Internet right now!

XP was pretty much the very first operating system Microsoft made that was fairly stable and didn’t crash (a lot). Previous Windows versions were quite buggy and tended to crash a lot, and trying to do more than one thing at a time was asking way too much. In short, XP worked very well. So well, in fact, that’s probably why you’re still using it. XP was first released in 2001. Microsoft has since release four successors to XP (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and now Windows 10). By the time Microsoft got to Windows 7, they found their customer base wasn’t very keen on upgrading like they have done so in the past. It seemed that building a decent product hurt their business model. So, Microsoft decided to stop supporting XP in 2014.

The sad truth is that any computer is vulnerable to malicious programs when networked to the Internet (Apple products included). Computers aren’t smart enough on their own to know that it might be handling over control or giving out information to unwanted parties. We have to tell the computer who’s on the naughty list. Microsoft stopped pushing security updates out to XP in April of 2014. Even with a virus program installed, you’re not going to be safe, because you’re not going to core OS updates for XP. This is very bad if you’re using the XP PC on the Internet.


  • Get a New PC. This is the best solution. More than likely, your XP machine is going to be too slow to run the latest versions. This is not a sales pitch. BITS doesn’t sell computers. See my other post on why BITS doesn’t sell computers for more info. The plus side is that you’ll have a faster machine. In fact, with some of the built in tools of the modern PC, it will not slow down (as much) as your XP machine did over time.
    Ok, I lied. Here is a small sales pitch…. BITS can do a file migration to your new PC if you choose to go with a new machine. We can transfer your files over in a seamless fashion, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Convert to LinuxLinux may be something you haven’t heard of. It’s an open source (free) operating system. If you have an Android phone, you’re using a version of it. If you use an infotainment system on a commercial airline flight, you’re using Linux. Linux is based on an operating system that predates Windows: Unix. Even if you’re using an Apple product, you’re using Unix. If you want to keep your old XP machine for some reason, and still want to get on the Internet for Facebook or sell something on eBay, you can turn that very old PC into a safe machine by installing Linux on it. You see, there are different flavors of Linux out there (did I mention that it’s all free?), and some are made specifically to run on older PCs. Or Linux can be installed to dual boot, meaning you can have two computers in one (depending on hard disk space and hardware) You might even be able to run some of those old Windows applications on your new Linux box as well. And, of course, BITS can do all of this for you.
  •  Unplug From The Internet. If you have programs on that XP machine that you cannot live without, and they won’t run on a new Windows version, and you have no need to go online, you can safely continue to use that XP machine if you do not connect it to the Internet.
    BONUS ROUND: In either case of getting a new PC or converting to Linux, you could run what’s called a virtual machine within that PC to run an isolated “virtual” XP PC on it (depending on computer hardware), so that you can keep your XP computer and be safe at the same time.

The bottom line is that you should stop using XP directly on the Internet. There are alternatives. So, again, if you’re using XP, please stop using XP on the Internet. It’s for your own good.

Add an Ad Blocker to Your Web Browser


If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, you know how annoying intrusive ads can be. Non-intrusive ads aren’t bad and a necessary evil to keep things rolling along on commercial web sites for free. But sometimes ad companies get over-zealous. I don’t know about you, but I will leave a website if it’s too much trouble to get the ad out of the way so that I can view the content I wanted to see on that particular site.

Content is king online; ads that block content or prevent content from being seen does no one any good.

Adblock Plus is a good one to use and it supports all popular web browsers.

I use it. You should too.

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